8 Tips on Design Fundamentals

We have been doing this a while so we have seen a few windows in our time. If you want some advice about a specific project then please contact us and we will be pleased to help, obligation free. However, these are the things that we think are important facts to consider when you are choosing a suitable design:

1. Long curtains will elongate the window and make your room feel more elegant. We think that long curtains, over sill length curtains should be used at every possible opportunity.

2. Where possible have all the same length curtains or blinds for all windows in one room or space to give uniformity.

3. If your blinds are sitting outside of the window recess, consider putting the blind fixing higher up the wall, so that when the blind is fully open, there is only a minimal coverage of the window. Light coming in from the top of a window is often the most delicious.

4. Consider your lifestyle and where the curtains are going to be situated e.g. long cream curtains on the door to your boot room probably isn’t a good idea.

5. Master of disguise – use curtains and blinds to hide an unattractive view or help ill proportioned windows.

6. Blinds look less austere if you have curtains too.

7. If your budget is tight, go for more fullness with an economical fabric and use more expensive fabrics in small quantities e.g. blinds and cushions.

8. Interlining curtains give a certain luxury to the main curtain fabric and combined with a good lining, will make your curtains and blinds last longer and keep the warmth in.