Traditional, Handmade Furniture



In Berkshire.

We make traditional pieces of furniture to your specification.

Upholstery has many uses but to us it’s the process of creating or refurbishing the perfect piece of furniture. As with our Curtains and Blinds it’s about adding an item that subtly but noticeably changes the ambiance of a room. Whether its a tiny yet plump overstuffed chair sitting shyly and unassumingly in the corner of your hallway or a bold and brash Wingback finished in a striking fabric that grabs the eye and demands your attention the minute you walk in, we can create the item that you want.

Our Furniture is created using traditional techniques and materials. Starting with the stretched webbing to give you a firm foundation followed by bags and bags of authentic horse hair stuffing that builds shape and gives substance and then the luxurious and lucious lintafelt for that touch of padded luxury. After that comes the best bit and, although we’ll offer as much advice as you want, the choice of fabric is yours.

Your room deserves its finishing flourishes so why not add a fabulous footstool, a beautiful blanket box or whatever your heart desires. Be honest, you’ve always wanted a velvet covered deep buttoned Chaise Longue haven’t you…